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Handbook for the Homesteader
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Our compilation contains over 600 eBooks.

Canning and Preserving Collection
(Includes Sub Chapters)
Preserving, Canning, Jams, Vegetables, Etc. Library Collection

Country Living Collection
(Includes Sub Chapters)
Farm Animal Library Collection
Gardening Library Collection
Homesteading Library Collection

Gold Mining Collection
(Includes Sub Chapters)
Gold Mining Library Collection
Gold Prospecting Library Collection

Green House Plan Collection
(Includes Sub Chapters)
Green House Plans and Photo Library Collection

Shoe Making Collection
(Includes Sub Chapters)
How to make Shoes Library Collection

Home Brewing Collection
(Includes Sub Chapters)
Home Brewing Library Collection
Making Stills and Moonshine Library Collection

Homesteader's Water Power Collection
(Includes Sub Chapters)
Hydro Power Library Collection

Meat Smoking and Curing Collection
(Includes Sub Chapters)
Charcuterie Library Collection
Smoke House Plans Library Collection
Smoking and Curing Meat Library Collection
Smoking Recipes Library Collection

Raising Honeybee Collection
(Includes Sub Chapters)
Honeybee and Honey Production Library Collection

Wilderness Survival Collection
(Includes Sub Chapters)
Wilderness Survival Library Collection

Much, much more!

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