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Wilderness Survival Collection

This DVD contains over 200 ebooks! The largest of its kind on the entire internet!

Also Includes Bonus Video: Alone in the Wilderness ALASKA
Alone in the Wilderness (1913) Joseph Knowles 366 pages
At Home in the Wilderness: What to Do There and How to Do It (1876) John Keast Lord 350 pages
Camping on the Lycoming: The Complete Practical Guide to Camping Out (1879) Thad S. Up De Graff 306 pages
Camping & Tramping With Roosevelt (1907) John Burroughs 162 pages
Camping (1911) Alexandra G. Lockwine 192 pages
Camping and Camp Cooking (1909) Frank A. Bates 128 pages
Camping and Camp Outfits: A Manual of Instruction for Young and Old Sportsmen (1890) G. O. Shields 190 pages
Camping and Cruising in Florida (1884) James A. Henshall 326 pages
Camp and Trail (1911) Steward Edward White 284 pages
Camping and Woodcraft: A Handbook for Vacation Campers and for Travelers in the Wilderness (1917) The Macmillan Company 900 pages
Camping at Cherry Pond (1916) Henry Abbott 40 pages
Camp Cookery (1910) Horace Kephart 192 pages
Camp Craft: Modern Practice and Equipment (1915) Warren H. Miller 374 pages
Camp Fires in the Wilderness (1902) E.W. Burt 230 pages
Camp Kits and Camp Life (1906) Charles Stedman Hanks 282 pages
Camp Life in Florida: A Handbook for Sportsmen and Settlers (1876) Charles Hallock 374 pages
Camp Life in the Wilderness (1879) Charles A. J. Farrar 242 pages
Camp Life in the Woods and the Tricks of Trapping and Trap Making (1881) By: W.Hamilton Gibson 324 pages
Camping for Boys (1911) By: H, w, Gibson 302 pages
Camping for Girls (1907) By: Hortense Gardner Gregg 52 pages
Camping in the Alleghanies; or, Bodines (1883) By: Thad S. Up De Graff 306 pages
Camping in the Canadian Rockies (1909) By: Walter Dwight Wilcox 482 pages
Camping in the Muskoka Region (1885) By: James Dickson 173 pages
Camping on the Great Lakes (1913) By: Raymond S. Spears 407 pages
Camping Out (1918) By: Warren H. Miller 376 pages
Camping Out in California (1889) By: Mrs. J. B. Rideout 252 pages
Camping Out With the British Canoe Association With Chapters on Camping, Canoeing, and Amateur Photography (1891) John Davey Hayward 124 pages
Camping Voyages on German Rivers (1890) By: Arthur A. Macdonell 346 pages
Camps and Trails (1918) By: Henry Abbott 72 pages
Camps and Tramps in the Adirondacks (1880) By: A. Judd Northrup 310 pages
Camps Billets Cooking (1917) By: An Officer of the British Army 200 pages
Camps in the Rockies (1910) By: W.M. A. Baillie Grohman 456 pages
Canoeing and Camping (1915) By: James A. Cruikshank 160 pages
Caravanning & Camping Out (1914) By: J. Harris Stone 478 pages
Dan Beard's Animal Book and Camp-Fire Stories (1910) By: Dan Beard 636 pages
Fishing, Hunting, and Camping on the Cascade National Forest (1920) 44 pages
Handbook for Campers in the National Forests in California (1921) By: William B.Greenley 56 pages
Harper's Camping and Scouting: An Outdoor Guide for American Boys (1911) 428 pages
Hints for Camping and Walking: How to Camp Out (1877) By: John M. Gould 149 pages
New Ideas for Out of Doors: The Field and Forest Handy Book (1906) By: D. C. Beard 457 pages
On the Trail: An Outdoor Book for Girls (1915) By: Linda Beard 302 pages
Out of Doors (1915) By: Emerson Hough 320 pages
Outdoor Life and Indian Stories (1912) By: Edward S. Ellis 262 pages
Packing and Portaging (1912) By: Dillon Wallace 154 pages Practical Hints on Camping (1882) By: Howard Henderson 160 pages
Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties (1914) By: D. C. Beard 274 pages
Sign Talk: A Universal Signal Code, Without Apparatus, for Use in the Army, Navy, Camping, Hunting, and Daily Life (1918) Ernest Thompson Seton 298 pages
Sketches of Camp Life in the Wilds of The Aroostook Woods: Fishing, Canoeing, Camping, Shooting and Trapping (1892) Charles C. West 356 pages
Skyline Camps (1922) By: Walter Prichard Eaton 292 pages
Summer in the Girls' Camp (1919) By: Anna Worthington Coale 376 pages
The American Boys Handybook of Camp-lore and Woodcraft (1920) By: Dan Beard 296 pages
The Book of Camping (1917) By: A. Hyatt Verrill 204 pages
The Book of Camp-lore and Woodcraft (1920) By: Dan Beard 300 pages
The Book of Woodcraft (1912) By: Ernest Thompson Seton 608 pages
The Boy Scout's Hike Book (1920) By: Edward Cave 264 pages
The Boy’s Book of Hunting and Fishing: Practical Camping-Out, Game Fishing and Wing Shooting (1916) Warren H. Miller 366 pages
The Boy's Camp Book (1914) By: Edward Cave 216 pages
The Camper's Handbook (1908) By: T. H. Holding 437 pages
The Camper's Own Book (1912) By: George S. Bryan 234 pages
The Outdoor Handy Book (1914) By: D. C. Beard 532 pages
The Sportsman's Workshop (1921) By: Warren H. Miller 150 pages
The Way of the Woods (1908) By: Edward Breck 508 pages
Trail and Camp-Fire (1897) By: Forest and Stream Publishing Company 92 pages
Trail Craft: An Aid in Getting the Greatest Good Out of Vacation Trips (1922) By: Claude P. Fordyce 244 pages
Trailing and Camping in Alaska (1909) By: Addison M. Powell 468 pages
Tramping and Camping (1912) By: Walking Woolfs 188 pages
Vacation Camping for Girls (1913) By: Jeannette Marks 248 pages
Wilderness Homes: A Book of the Lop Cabin (1908) By: Olive Kemp 234 pages
Winter Camping (1920) By: Warwick Stevens Carpenter 169 pages
Wrinkles or Hints to Sportsmen and Travellers on Dress, Equipment, and Camp Life (1874) The Old Shekarry 358 pages 

Survival eBook Manuals Include: 
- Shelter Construction Plans: Both in hot and cold climates 
- Survival Tools: How to make your own from your surroundings 
- Snares and Trapping Techniques: Gather food with these skills 
- Emergency fire starting: No matches, no problem 
- Camouflage: How to blend into the wilderness 
- Food and Water preparation: Learn how to gather food and water 
- Plants to avoid: Full color photos of poisonous plants 
- Natural medicine and First Aid: How to stay healthy and heal injuries faster 
- Much much more... 

Outdoor Wilderness Survival
Basic Cold Weather Survival 
How to Build A Survival Kit for Cold Climate 
How to Build A Survival Kit for Hot Climate 
How to Build A Survival Kit for Overwater 
Checklist for Cold Climate 
Checklist for Hot Climate 
Checklist for Overwater 

Chapter 1
Introduction Survival Actions 
Patterns for Survival 

Chapter 2
Psychology of Survival 
A Look at Stress 
Natural Reactions 
Preparing Yourself 

Chapter 3
Survival Planning and Survival Kits 
Importance of Planning 
Survival Kits

Chapter 4 
Basic Survival Medicine 
Requirements for Maintenance of Health 
Medical Emergencies 
Lifesaving Steps 
Bone and Joint Injury 
Bites and Stings 
Environmental Injuries 
Herbal Medicines

Chapter 5 
Shelter Site Selection 
Types of Shelters

Chapter 6 
Water Procurement 
Water Sources 
Still Construction 
Water Purification 
Water Filtration Devices

Chapter 7 
Basic Fire Principles 
Site Selection and Preparation 
Fire Material Selection 
How to Build a Fire 
How to Light a Fire

Chapter 8 
Food Procurement 
Animals for Food 
Traps and Snares 
Killing Devices 
Fishing Devices 
Preparation of Fish and Game for Cooking and Storage

Chapter 9 
Survival Use of Plants 
Edibility of Plants 
Plants for Medicine

Chapter 10 
Poisonous Plants 
How Plants Poison 
All About Plants 
Rules for Avoiding Poisonous Plants 
Contact Dermatitis 
Ingestion Poisoning

Chapter 11
Dangerous Animals 
Insects and Arachnids 
Poisonous Snakes 
Dangerous Lizards 
Dangers in Rivers 
Dangers in Bays and Estuaries 
Saltwater Dangers

Chapter 12 
Field-Expedient Weapons, Tools, and Equipment 
Edged Weapons 
Other Expedient Weapons 
Lashing and Cordage 
Rucksack Construction 
Clothing and Insulation 
Cooking and Eating Utensils

Chapter 13 
Desert Survival 
Environmental Factors 
Need for Water 
Heat Casualties 
Desert Hazards

Chapter 14 
Tropical Survival 
Tropical Weather 
Jungle Types 
Travel Through Jungle Areas 
Immediate Considerations 
Water Procurement 
Poisonous Plants

Chapter 15 
Cold Weather Survival 
Cold Regions and Locations 
Basic Principles of Cold Weather Survival 
Medical Aspects 
Cold Injuries 
Weather Signs

Chapter 16 
Sea Survival 
The Open Sea 

Chapter 17 
Expedient Water Crossings 
Rivers and Streams 
Flotation Devices 
Other Water Obstacles 
Vegetation Obstacles

Chapter 18 
Field-Expedient Direction Finding 
Using the Sun and Shadows 
Using the Moon 
Using the Stars 
Making Improvised Compasses 
Other Means of Determining Direction

Chapter 19 
Signaling Techniques 
Means for Signaling 
Codes and Signals 
Aircraft Vectoring Procedures

Chapter 20 
Survival Movement in Hostile Areas 
Phases of Planning 
Return to Friendly Control

Chapter 21 
Personal Camouflage 
Methods of Stalking

Chapter 22 
Contact With People 
Contact With Local People 
The Survivor's Behavior 
Changes to Political Allegiance

Chapter 23
Survival in Man-Made Hazards 
The Nuclear Environment Biological Environments 
Chemical Environments

Appendix A - Survival Kits 
Appendix B - Edible and Medicinal Plants 
Appendix C - Poisonous Plants 
Appendix D - Dangerous Insects and Arachnids 
Appendix E - Poisonous Snakes and Lizards 
Appendix F - Dangerous Fish and Mollusks 
Appendix G - Clouds: Foretellers of Weather 
Appendix H - Contingency Plan of Action Format 

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