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1900 - 1920's

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A Collection of Vintage Auto Manuals from 1900-1921

This extremely rare collection contains (30) vintage repair manuals. A complete library on data DVD, covers almost every aspect of early automobile design, manufacturing, repair and identification. These DVD's are a perfect collection for owners of antique automobiles, collectors, or just for the fun of browsing through an old collection of rare manuals.

This set includes over 9,400 pages, thousands of photos, illustrations and diagrams! It is full of information sure to please everyone. A treasure to vintage car collectors and restoration enthusiasts.

Thirty (30) Automotive Book Titles: 

- 1900
The Automobile Engineer Reference Book. 234 pages.

- 1901 
Horseless Vehicles. 488 pages.
Automobiles, motor cycles operated by steam, hydro-carbon, electric and pneumatic motors; a practical treatise for ... everyone interested in the development, use and care of the automobile, including a special chapter on how to build an electric cab, with detail drawings.

- 1901 
The Construction of a Gasoline Motor Vehicle. 164 pages.
Designed for the novice, engineer or mechanic to better understand the principles of 4 cyclinder automobile construction.

- 1907 
The How and Why of the Automobile. 205 pages.
A series of practical talks on the modern motor car

- 1909 
Automobile Troubles and How to Remedy Them. 264 pages.
A practical book for the automobile owner, operator, dealer, builder, salesman, experimenter and student of mechanical achievements.

- 1909
 Ignition, timing and valve setting. 240 pages.
A comprehensive illustrated manual of self-instruction for automobile owners, operators, repairmen, and all interested in motoring.

- 1910 
Methods of Automobile Manufacture. 56 pages.
Organization and equipment of an automobile factory. Machines and tools for automobile manufacture, by C. B. Owen.--Machines and tools for automobile manufacture.

- 1910 
The Automobile Its Selection Care & Use. 212 pages.

- 1911 
Automobile troubles and how to remedy them. 264 pages.
A practical book for automobile owners, drivers, repairmen, intending purchasers, and all those interested, directly or indirectly, in automobiles.

- 1912 
Automobile construction and repair. 56 pages.
A practical guide to the design construction, and repair of automobile mechanisms.

- 1912 
Gasoline engines; their operation, use and care. 320 pages.
A comprehensive, simple and practical work treating of gasoline engines for stationary, marine or vehicle use.

- 1913 
Dictionary Of Automobile Terms. 370 pages.

- 1914 
Engelman's autocraft. 256 pages.
Being an instructive study of the automobile; its care and management; how to drive; locating troubles and repairing them; with chapters exploiting some of the latest devices used in automobile construction.

- 1915 
The Model T Ford car, its construction, operation and repair. 302 pages.
A complete practical treatise explaining the operating principles of all parts of the Ford automobile, with complete instructions for driving and maintenance; includes the most thorough and easily understood illustrated instructions on Ford repairing ever published; based on five years' experience of a Ford operator--invaluable to all Ford owners, dealers, salesmen, drivers and repair men--every phase of the subject treated in a non-technical yet comprehensive manner.

- 1915 
The gasoline automobile. 282 pages.
Design, construction, operation and maintenance: a practical, comprehensive treatise explaining all principles pertaining to gasoline automobiles and their component parts. The most complete up-to-date treatise on gasoline automobiles ever published.

- 1916 
Automobile Nomenclature. 28 pages.
Including names of car parts and items of terminology from the Report of the Nomenclature division, adopted by the Society, Aug. 1, 1916. Ignition, timing and valve setting. A comprehensive illustrated manual of self-instruction for automobile owners, operators, repairmen, and all interested in motoring.

- 1917, 1918, 1919 
automobile wiring diagrams. 238 pages.
For starting, lighting and ignition.

- 1917
Automobile starting, lighting and ignition. 544 pages.
Elementary principles, practical application, wiring diagrams and repair hints; a complete exposition explaining all forms of electrical ignition systems used with internal combustion engines of all types, also includes a comprehensive series of instructions pertaining to starting and lighting systems of automobiles; describes storage battery construction and maintenance, magneto timing, care of motors and generators and systematic location of all electrical faults; invaluable to motorists, students, mechanics and repair men, every phase of the subject is treated in an easily understood, non-technical manner.

- 1917 
Motor truck and automobile motors and mechanism. 246 pages.
A practical illustrated treatise on the power plant and motive parts of the modern vehicle, for owners, operators and repairmen.

- 1917 
Story of the automobile. 266 pages.
Its history and development from 1760 to 1917 with an analysis of the standing and prospects of the automobile industry.

- 1918 
Putnam's automobile handbook. 392 pages.
The care and management of the modern motor-car.

- 1919 
Ignition, valve timing and automobile electric systems. 237 pages
A (self-starting and lighting) comprehensive manual of self-instruction on the operation, adjustment and repair of magnetos, battery ignition systems, and self-starting mechanisms. Complete tables and data on valve timing for a great number of American automobiles. The Ford ignition system and its adjustment.

- Motor vehicles and their engines.
 370 pages
A practical handbook on the care, repair and management of motor trucks and automobiles, for owners, chauffeurs, garagemen and schools.

- 1919 
Packard advanced training school. 415 pages
Lecture course, 1919, delivered before the foremans assemblies of the Packard Motor Car Co.

- 1912 
The Gasoline Automobile. 514 pages
A Practical Discussion

- 1920 
Dyke's automobile and gasoline engine encyclopedia. 946 pages
Containing 532 charts, inserts, dictionary, index, and supplements on the Ford, Packard, airplanes, and Liberty "12" engine. Treating on the construction, operation and repairing of automobiles and gasoline engines. Also trucks, tractors, airplanes and motorcycles. By A. L. Dyke.

- 1920 
Modern Gasoline Automobile. 1118 pages
Its design, construction, operation and maintenance, a practical, comprehensive treatise explaining all principles pertaining to gasoline automobiles and their component parts. The most complete up-to-date treatise on gasoline automobiles ever published.

- 1920 
Modern Methods of Ford Repairing. 264 pages

- 1922 
The principles of automobile body design. 345 pages
covering the fundamentals of open and closed passenger body design with chapters on the design of commercial bodies, by Kingston Forbes, M.E., illustrated with six hundred twenty-three half-tone plates and line drawings.

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