Operation Discovery

"The most intense and technologically sophisticated Bigfoot Research Documentary ever produced". The Bigfoot Research Center take you on three expeditions from the Cariboo Mountains of British Columbia to the Cascade and Olympic Mountains of Washington. See video and audio evidence that will astound the skeptics and convert the unbelievers. The BRC prove an unknown primate exists in North America!

Skeleton Lake

Observe the introduction of the WSPRG newest equipment, the Electro Magnetic Field Motion Detector (EMF-MD). New technology used in the search and study of ghost entities. Witness the latest ground breaking technology in the study of paranormal activity. Could this be the start of actually seeing unseen entities? Things move here, shadows swirl around you, spirits are recorded whispering to themselves.

America's Worst Killer Ever

Billy Gohl was the leader of the Sailor Union of the Pacific of Grays Harbor, Washington through the years of 1902 to 1910. His position made it convenient to murder and to dispose of the bodies through a secret trap door that led to the river located underneath his office. With over 200 victims, Gohl is known as America's most prolific serial killer. A must see biography documentary.

Howard Johnson's Motor

Howard Johnson's Permanent Magnet Motor. The plans of a genius and the future of clean energy. This rare and exciting video documentary contains a wealth of information regarding inventor Howard Robert Johnson and his incredible research. His controversial US patents and work in quantum mechanical phenomenon could potentially develop into a clean alternative energy source the world desperately needs.

Haunted Cemetery

The WSPRG were called to investigate a historical cemetery. This cemetery was located on private property. The owner had been in the process of clearing land when several unknown graves were uncovered. Paranormal activity soon followed in the forms of shadows, orbs of light, and mysterious sounds and voices. This phenomenon was also observed in the surrounding forest of the property. A must see!

Sasquatch of Canada

The Bigfoot Research Center travel to the secluded mountains of British Columbia Canada in search for Sasquatch. This incredible video chronicles the one week expedition into several isolated locations bringing back startling new evidence. Several eye witness reports are investigated bringing investigators and trackers closer than ever. This rare documentary will convince the skeptics that a real and living unknown primate inhabits North America.

Operation In Depth

The Bigfoot Research Center go far into the interior of the Olympic Mountains bringing back incredible research footage. This rare video documentary chronicles the search for Bigfoot/Sasquatch in the rugged Olympic Mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Witness the incredible footage the BRC recorded as they hiked deeper and higher into the Olympics during the early fall. Expeditions prove the theory of a "Sasquatch migration route".

Paranormal Investigation

The Washington State Paranormal Research Group (WSPRG) were asked to investigate a home with a disturbing history. The home had been the location of at least three recorded deaths. The client, a home mortgage broker, had witnessed the house go up for sale three times in just two years. Prior to that, the home sat vacant for over twenty years in disrepair. As a rental home, most tenants moved out within three months of time.

3 UFO Documentary

A few topics covered include: - UFO sightings by Christopher Columbus and Alexander the Great. - Military pilot's encounter with UFOs. - Kenneth Arnold's historic sighting of UFOs over the Cascade mountains. - Recently released FBI documents on UFOs. - Evidence that UFOs exist as seen in film footage taken by American Astronauts. - Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan tell of their UFO sightings. - The truth about Project Blue Book. - Secret NASA Radio Transmissions. - Much more...

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