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Homesteading A-Z

Homesteading A to Z

This Data DVD contains over 600 eBooks. A few samples are:

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Backyard Composting 21 pages
Hydroponics 237 pages
Organic Gardening 383 pages
Soil Improvement 37 pages
Gardening for Better Nutrition 68 pages
How to Grow More Vegetables 168 pages
How to Make Fertilizer 12 pages
Hydroponics 237 pages
Intensive Gardening for Profit and Self Sufficiency 178 pages
Permaculture 161 pages
Poultry Production 228 pages
Raising Rabbits 87 pages
Small Farm Weed Control 177 pages
Small Scale Irrigation 156 pages
Raising Geese 222 pages
Homesteading Soft Technology 185 pages
Village Technology Handbook 443 pages
WDP Firefox Series 1-12 (Firefox comparable!)
Journal of New Alchemists 1-5 707 pages
Growing Seeds 39 pages

Homesteading Mini Technology I78 pages:

  • How to build a wood stove
  • How to build a saw dust stove
  • Cooking range stove
  • Solar water heater
  • Mini solar pond
  • Simple solar dryer
  • Animal drawn water lifts
  • Sand and charcoal water filter system
  • Fly traps, crow traps, insect traps

Homesteading Mini Technology II70 pages:

  • How to make a mini biogas digester
  • Water powered pestle hammer
  • Barkers turbine
  • Hand carts
  • Small brick oven
  • Smokeless kitchens
  • Hay box cooking
  • Tools for homesteaders

Hydroponics 237 pages
Goat health handbook 134 pages
Keeping Livestock Healthy 330 pages
Rabbit Production 324 pages
Raising Goats for Meat and Milk 137 pages
Raising Ducks 189 pages
Sheep Health Handbook 143 pages
Raising Healthy Cattle Under Primitive Conditions 110 pages
Raising Healthy Goats Under Primitive Conditions 129 pages
Raising Healthy Poultry Under Primitive Conditions 79 pages
Raising Healthy Rabbits Under Primitive Conditions 83 pages
The Backyard Dairy Book 90 pages
The Homesteaders Handbook for Raising Small Game 255 pages
Employment of Drought Animals in Agriculture 263 pages
Draft Horse Primer 397 pages
Barnacle Parp's Chainsaw Guide 279 pages
Environmentally Sound Small Scale Forestry Projects 122 pages
Firewood Crops 251 pages
Forest Farming 228 pages
Short Rotation Forestry 38 pages
Timber Drying Manual 171 pages
Tree Crops 493 pages
The Self Sufficient Gardener 255 pages
The Nursery Manual (Greenhouse) 477 pages
Survival Techniques (Poisonous plants and dangerous animals) 564 pages

Tools for Homesteaders: Gardeners and Small Scale Farmers 559 pages

  • Making ox yoke
  • Wagon and wagon wheel making
  • Making a foot powered lathe
  • Making wooden locks
  • Shoe making
  • Hide tanning
  • How to build a lumber kiln
  • How to churn butter
  • How to make cheese

Manual on Easy Method of Managing Bees 132 pages
Practical Treaties on Managing Hive & Honey Bee 566 pages
Bee and Bee Keeping 305 pages
Bee Keeping for Beginners 104 pages
Bee Keeping for Profit 156 pages
Bee Keeping Simplified 68 pages
Constructive Bee Keeping 52 pages
Pleasurable Bee Keeping 200 pages
Practical Advice to Beginners in Bee Keeping 52 pages
Productive Bee Keeping 334 pages
Profitable Bee Keeping 148 pages
The Bee Keeper's Manual 374 pages
The Bee Preserver 152 pages
The Bee Keeper's Guide 516 pages
The Book of Bee Keeping 134 pages
The Hive and the Honey Bee 78 pages
The Honey Makers 436 pages
The Life of the Bee 444 pages
The Pearce New Method of Bee Keeping 64 pages
Treaties on the Management of Bees 234 pages
Dadant System of Bee Keeping 140 pages
Dictionary of Practical Apiculture 138 pages
Humanity to Honey Bees 172 pages
The Naturalists Library 372 pages
Langstroth on the Hive and Honey Bees 660 pages
The American Bee Keeper's Manual 374 pages
British Bee Farming 240 pages
The Manual for New Zealand Bee Keepers 129 pages


Wilderness Survival Collection

Chapter 1 Introduction

  • Survival Actions
  • Pattern for Survival

Chapter 2 Psychology of Survival

Chapter 3 Survival Planning and Survival Kits

  • Importance of Planning
  • Survival Kits

Chapter 4 Basic Survival Medicine

Chapter 5 Shelters

  • Shelter Site Selection
  • Types of Shelters

Chapter 6 Water Procurement

  • Water Sources
  • Still Construction
  • Water Purification
  • Water Filtration Devices

Chapter 7 Firecraft

  • Basic Fire Principles
  • Site Selection and Preparation
  • Fire Material Selection
  • How to Build a Fire
  • How to Light a Fire

Chapter 8 Food Procurement

  • Animals for Food
  • Traps and Snares
  • Killing Devices
  • Fishing Devices
  • Preparation of Fish and Game for Cooking and Storage

Chapter 9 Survival Use of Plants

  • Edibility of Plants
  • Plants for Medicine

Chapter 10 Poisonous Plants

  • How Plants Poison
  • All About Plants
  • Rules for Avoiding Poisonous Plants
  • Contact Dermatitis
  • Ingestion Poisoning

Chapter 11 Dangerous Animals
Chapter 12 Field-Expedient Weapons, Tools, and Equipment
Chapter 13 Desert Survival
Chapter 14 Tropical Survival

Chapter 15 Cold Weather Survival

  • Cold Regions and Locations
  • Windchill
  • Basic Principles of Cold Weather Survival
  • Hygiene
  • Medical Aspects
  • Cold Injuries
  • Shelters
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Weather Signs

Chapter 16 Sea Survival

Chapter 17 Expedient Water Crossings

  • Rivers and Streams
  • Rapids
  • Rafts
  • Flotation Devices
  • Other Water Obstacles
  • Vegetation Obstacles

Chapter 18 Field

  • Expedient Direction Finding
  • Using the Sun and Shadows
  • Using the Moon
  • Using the Stars
  • Making Improvised Compasses
  • Other Means of Determining Direction

Chapter 19 Signaling Techniques
Chapter 20 Survival Movement in Hostile Areas
Chapter 21 Camouflage
Chapter 22 Contact With People

Chapter 23 Survival in Man-Made Hazards

  • The Nuclear Environment
  • Biological Environments
  • Chemical Environments

A Manual on the Hydraulic Ram Pump 56 pages
A Pelton Micro Hydro Prototype Design 49 pages
Basic Information Multi Purpose Power Unit, Multi Turbine 60 pages
Estimating Small stream Water Flow 18 pages
Hand Pumps 224 pages
Harnessing the Small Stream 32 pages
Hints on the Development of Small Water Power 111 pages
Hydro Power 75 pages
Industrial Archaeology of Water Mills and Water Power 105 pages
Local Experience with Micro Hydro Technology 179 pages
Low Cost Development of Small Water Power Sites 51 pages
Manual for the Design of a Simple Mechanical Water Hydraulic 43 pages
Micro Hydro Electric Power 57 pages
Micro Hydro Power 46 pages
Micro Hydro Power Handbook 430 pages
Multipurpose Hydro Power Unit with Horizontal Water Turbine 36 pages
Over Shot and Current Water Wheels 31 pages
Small Earth Dams 25 pages
Small Michell (Banki) Turbine 58 pages
Small Schale Hydro Power Technologies 113 pages
Construction of a Hydraulic Hand Pump 42 pages
The Segner Turbine 16 pages
Water current Turbines 125 pages
Water Mills in Central Crete 10 pages
Water Power for the Farm 43 pages
Water Mills with Horizontal Wheels 38 pages
Much more!


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